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Websites/ Book Stores / Shops / Phone Sex / Strip Clubs

Are you an owner of an sexual/erotic website? Perhaps you are small business owner who operates a sex toys book store, sex shop, escort provider service, phone sex, or gentlemans entertainment club. If so, you know how difficult it can be to make to offer your customers the option of paying or their products without a credit card. After all, many credit card processors consider the porn industry to be a risky one. Therefore, they either won’t accept you as a customer or, if they do, they charge you very high fees that make it seem impossible to make a profit.

Keeping Your Customers Happy

Although your industry may be one that is considered risky by merchant account card providers, it is still a booming industry with millions of clientele. The reality is that sex sells and people are always looking for ways to help them explore their sexuality and gain as much pleasure from sex as possible. Therefore, you likely won’t have much trouble finding clients if you have a great site or if you own an novelty store. Still, if you want to keep your customers happy and if you want to see them come back again and again, you need to make it easier for them to make their purchases.

Many customers looking for explicit products won’t even make their purchases if they do not have the option of paying with a credit card. First of all, being able to pay with a credit card makes it much easier to make the purchase. This means you have a greater chance of making a sale to someone that is caught up in the heat of the moment. Second, most customers want to gain immediate access to content on xxx websites or want to be able to walk into the store and quickly and easily make their purchase. Forcing them to pay with a check is simply too time consuming and many customers will simply look to another store or service to help them fulfill their sexual desires.

Staying Competitive in the Erotic Entertainment Industry

There are many services and stores that cater to the phone sex, escorts, and adult entertainment industry. Therefore, if you want to remain competitive and if you hope to get your share of the customers, you have to offer the same benefits as your competition. This means you have to offer your customers the option of paying with a credit card. Otherwise, your potential customers will take their business elsewhere.

We know how important it is to your business to be able to process credit cards – whether at a brick and mortar store, a bar, an entertainment facility or online. At the same time, we know how difficult it can be to find a processor that will accept your account and that will charge you fair fees for the processor service. Therefore, we are happy to look closely at your business information, your customer spending trends, and your goals as a company so we can help match you up with the perfect processor for you and your company. Of course, you are under no obligation to work with the company we find for you, so there are absolutely no risks involved with giving us a try.