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Smoke Shop, Cigar, E-Cigarettes, Head Shops

Are you a merchant that sells cigars, Smoke Accessories, or liquor?  If so, you know that there are certain downsides to being in this type of business. First of all, there are many legal hoops that you have to jump through in order to sell these types of products. Second, there are liability issues that you have to be concerned about because you have to make sure you are only selling to people that are legally able to make these purchases. Third, you may be having a difficult time finding a processor that will work with you and that will charge you reasonable rates for the service. We now offer multiple "NO Reserve" solutions for high volume online ecommerce internet retailers with volume over 50k monthly

Offering the Option of Purchasing with a Credit Card

As a businesses that sells products such as e-cigarettes, cigars, and liquor, you have plenty of things to worry about. Among these many things is making a profit. Like any business that retails products like paraphernalia, hookahs and bongs, you can significantly increase your sales when you allow your customers the option to purchase items with it. In fact, research has proven that people spend more when using a credit card rather than cash. In addition, when a person is short on cash, he or she can still rely upon a credit card to make alcohol or smoke accessory purchases.

Unfortunately, the set up fees and transaction fees charged to merchants that deal in tobacco and liquor can be monstrous. By the time you pay for these fees and all of the other costs associated with selling liquor and smoking supplies, there can be very little profit left for you. Therefore, it is important to find a merchant processor that will charge you a reasonable price.

Getting Help with Your Credit Card Needs

When you contact us, we will help you find a merchant processor that will provide you with services for a reasonable fee. Obviously, you are still going to have to pay for the ability to use credit cards, but you don’t have to pay so much that your business can’t make any money.

Retailer Processing Include:
  • Drug Paraphernalia industry
  • Water Pipes, Glass, Retailers, Wholesalers
  • Glass Pipes Bongs
  • Hookahs
  • Vaporizers
  • Lighters
  • Four Twenty (420), Cannabis, MMJ friendly
  • Rolling Papers

We are the best alternative to processors like Square, Paypal, Wells Fargo, Stripe, First Data who routinely close, shutoff and do not allow smoke accessory suppliers. If you already have a provider, you can still contact us so we can explore your options. You may be surprised to find that there are some merchant processors available that will offer the same service for a much higher transaction fees. If you are just starting your business or if you have been in a business for awhile and simply wish to start offering customers with the option to pay with it we can help you find the perfect processor for your needs.

By working closely with you and examining your transactions, we can pair you with a merchant account that is a good fit for your business needs. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about being under any obligations when you contact us. Rather, we will find a good processor for you and you will have the option to pursue the relationship further or to simply say “no thanks.” You have nothing to lose by contacting us today!