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If your businesses relies upon the multi level marketing scheme or if it uses a door to door sales model, you may have a difficult time finding a merchant processor that will accept your account. If you do find a processor that will work with you, you may be charged higher fees because your business is considered riskier than some other types of businesses. The same is true if you have a home business that relies upon sales for profit. So, what are you supposed to do in order to make your business a success?

Using Credit Cards to Succeed

If you hope to be successful with your door to door sales or MLM business, you must be able to accept credit cards. Everyone in the sales business knows that success within the industry depends upon being able to close the deal and to get buyers to make their purchase on impulse. If you do not accept credit cards as payment, it can make it more difficult to close the deal.

Accepting credit cards from your customers is also important because many people do not feel comfortable making purchases from door to door salesmen with cash or with a check. This is because making purchases with credit cards offers a certain level of protection that is not provided with cash and checks.

Since there is always the possibility that your customers will later change their minds about the purchase, however, door to door sales and multi-level sales are considered riskier. This is because an unhappy customer may dispute the charge or request a chargeback, which can be a costly transaction to complete. Therefore, in order to start up an account with a payment processor, you may have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to set up an account. Then, your monthly fees and charges per transaction may be much higher than what people in other industries pay.

Putting Money Back in Your Pocket

Making money with door to door sales format can be difficult enough as it is. Often, the profit margin is very small, so paying any fees will severely cut into your profit margin. If you are being forced to pay high monthly fees or if you have to pay high charges for every transaction, that only serves to shrink your profit margin further. Therefore, you need to find a company that will accept your account and that will not charge you extravagant fees.

We specialize in helping people with businesses that depend upon MLM and door to door sales. We will look at your business model, consider your future plans, and examine your typical sales volume and amounts in order to pair you up with the processor that will provide you with the best rates. In addition, you are under no obligation to work with the processor we provide to you – so, you have absolutely nothing to lose when you contact us to help you and your business.